This course includes:

  • 8 video lessons

  • total of 1 hour video lessons

  • 3 digital flip books

  • 7 supplementary articles

  • Certificate of Completion

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to this Course

    • Overview

  • 2

    PART ONE: Gems

    • Lesson 1: Gem of Humility

    • Lesson 2: Gem of Determination

    • Lesson 3: Gem of Honesty

    • Lesson 4: Gem of Self-Control

    • Lesson 5: Gem of Gratitude

    • Lesson 6: Gem of Modesty

    • Lesson 7: Gem of Service

    • Lesson 8: Conclusion: Watering Your Garden of Virtues

  • 3

    Flip Book Stories

    • Flip Book One

    • Flip Book Two

    • Flip Book Three

Course Instructor: Devaki Nandana dasi

Devaki's teaching journey began in Australia in 1979 with homeschooling her children, and by the mid 1980’s she also taught philosophy courses and classes at the Sydney Meditation Centre, as well as a weekly radio show. In the late 1990’s she attended the University of New England and wrote a thesis on Comparative Religions. Now teaching online, Devaki sees this as an exciting opportunity to communicate with students worldwide.
Instructor: Devaki Nandana dasi.