Course curriculum

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    • Introduction

  • 2


    • Lesson 1: Understanding Human Nature Video

    • Lesson 2: Being an Artist-Communicator Video

    • Reflection Statement

    • Lesson 3: Choosing the Right Words for the Right People Video

    • Lesson 4: The Right Speed Gets the Message Across Safe and Sound Video

    • Reflection Statement

    • Lesson 5: Answering Honestly is a Good Strategy Video

    • Lesson 6: Recognizing Word Jugglery Video

    • Reflection Statement

    • Lesson 7: Making Effort to Truly Listen Video

    • Lesson 8: Listening to What is Not Said Video

    • Lesson 9: Clearing Up Ambigious Statements Video

    • Reflection Statement

    • Lesson 10: Good Timing - Good Impact Video

    • Lesson 11: Getting Around Emotional Obstacles Video

    • Lesson 12: Silence Can Be Louder than Words Video

    • Reflection Statement

    • Lesson 13: Avoiding Sweeping Generalizations Video

    • Lesson 14: Trying to Really Know What You Mean Video

    • Lesson 15: Exaggeration Distortions Video

    • Reflection Statement

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    • Conclusion Video

    • Feedback Form



Nimai Tamayo

Nimai Tamayo is a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education, Major in English with a Minor in Early Childhood Education. Her work experience includes teaching English to elementary and high school students. She also taught ESL (English as a Second Language) to non-English speakers undertaking graduate studies. As a homeschool teacher and parent, she has been guiding families for years.